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     If you are a Landlord or Property Manager with a rental property in our service area (Orange County, Southern Los Angeles County (non-rent controlled) Riverside County, or San Bernardino County) and are interested in retaining our services for an Unlawful Detainer matter, please feel free to contact us.   If you are a Landlord outside our service area we may be able to provide you with a referral to an experienced landlord attorney in your area to assist you.


      If you have a real estate legal matter or require legal assistance in another area of law, please feel free to request a referral.  Over the years we have developed a network of competent and reliable attorneys in various practice areas and would be happy to provide you with their contact information.

Please note that State Bar Rules prohibit us from giving specific legal advice or answering legal questions from anyone except clients of the firm.

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     The information published on this site is for general informational and educational purposes only.  It specifically applies only to jurisdictions in the State of California which are not subject to rent control or tenancies which are subsidized under certain local, state or federal housing programs (For example, Section 8 Housing Assistance Program).


     Any information contained herein is not intended, or should be considered, as legal advice.   David S. Schonfeld, A Professional Law Corporation is not advising you or giving you specific legal advice and you are ultimately responsible for the outcome of your legal matter.


      Legal advice is only given to those clients who have retained the Firm.  Once retained, our commitment to you will be to process your unlawful detainer matter as quickly as possible within the boundaries of the law without taking illegal or unethical shortcuts.   Please be advised that this Firm has a professional and ethical responsibility not to file any legal action for an improper purpose or to file a lawsuit which may expose the Firm or our clients to unnecessary liability.  Landlords who do not comply with the law or who do not operate their business with honesty and integrity should not consult this Firm for legal advice or representation.  Please consult an attorney to discuss your legal rights.   Contacting us does not create an attorney-client relationship and any confidential information sent to us at this time cannot be considered until an attorney-client relationship has been established.


     You may also want to know that.....


      A Landlord who seeks to use the legal system to evict a Tenant to retaliate or discriminate can face a wrongful eviction, malicious prosecution, or Fair Housing Lawsuit.  If your Tenant has reported you to Code Enforcement for serious habitability problems or has reported you to Fair Housing or for violating California or Federal laws, you may face serious legal repercussions and exposure to future lawsuits from your Tenant or a class of Tenants who have been harmed by you actions.


     Law firms or attorneys who guarantee that your tenant will be evicted by a certain date or within a week or two are either inexperienced in this area of law or are engaging in unethical/illegal methods to guarantee such a result.  BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! 


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The more educated our clients are, the less likely it is that they will end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit.  Our firm offers periodic free training seminars to our monthly volume clients to educate and assist owners and managers on ever changing complex laws and issues in the rental industry.