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     David S. Schonfeld, A Professional Law Corporation, is an Orange County, California, based firm representing landlords in residential and commercial landlord/tenant matters.  The principal attorney in the firm, Mr. David S. Schonfeld, has been a member of the California State Bar and the Federal Bar for the Central District of California since 1992.    In addition to practicing law, Mr. Schonfeld often instructs property managers and landlords in the Certified Residential Manager training programs and has spoken at various Continuing Education Legal Seminars for attorneys and real estate agents.  He is also a frequent speaker at apartment industry functions and has lectured at the Riverside Police Department Multi Housing Crime Free training programs.   Mr. Schonfeld has written numerous articles on unlawful detainer matters and landlord/tenant litigation and has significant experience handling over 25,000 unlawful detainer cases.   The Firm has also been a long time member of the National Apartment Association, the California Apartment Association, the Apartment Association of Greater Inland Empire, the Apartment Association of Orange County, and the Apartment Owners Association.


      Our Firm has been honored and privileged to represent many of the State’s largest owners and property management companies as well as individual landlords who seek our direction and legal advice with their landlord/tenant matters.    Over the years we have earned an impeccable and solid reputation in the Courts and from the Judiciary, from other attorneys, and most importantly in the Apartment industry for our quality and effective representation.


     Many of our clients have been with us for two decades because we have built strong, long term relationships with them based on trust, reliability and responsiveness. We understand our client’s needs and work diligently with them to deliver success.   In fact, the majority of our clients are property management companies and landlords that have come to us after being fed up with the impersonal "assembly line" mentality of the big eviction mill law firms. Such firms process hundreds of cases each month but have no idea who you are or what your needs are as a client.  Sadly, there is also very little chance that one of the big firm's partners will ever personally meet you much less ever go to Court with you.  Let's face it, evictions are stressful, time consuming and frustrating.  The last thing that you need is a law firm that is non-responsive or ignores you until a crisis develops in your case.


     If you or your Property Management staff would like to experience a pleasant change in how your eviction cases are processed, please feel free to call or e-mail us.


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FREE Landlord/Tenant & Fair Housing Seminars


The more educated our clients are, the less likely it is that they will end up on the wrong side of a lawsuit.  Our firm offers periodic free training seminars to our monthly volume clients to educate and assist owners and managers on ever changing complex laws and issues in the rental industry.